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Shattering Silence: Famous Women and Mental Health

In past Women’s History Months, we’ve looked closely at some of the women who shaped mental health and eating disorder treatment and research. This year, we wanted to examine the lives of women who have experienced mental health challenges throughout history. For centuries, mental health challenges have been shrouded in […] Read More

Championing the BIPoC Eating Disorders Conference

February 26th through March 3rd is Eating Disorders Awareness Week this year. It’s also the tail end of Black History Month, and the transition into Women’s History Month. A while back we had the incredible privilege of sitting down with Dr. Whitney Trotter DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC, RDN and Angela Goens […] Read More

Weight Stigma: Discussing and Destigmatizing Weight Stigma, Shame, and Eating Disorders

Based on the talk, “The Evolution of Shame” given by Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Founder and CEO of Galen Hope, at the Emergence Conference 2023. “Weight Stigma is all about the internalization of shame based on social expectations that generally deny biological pre-ordained biology.” ~ Dr, Wendy Oliver-Pyatt […] Read More

Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness – How to Combat Symptoms This Winter

The winter months can be long, cold, and dark. Sometimes, so much so that the weather can cause individuals to develop a form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). While many individuals may feel the “blah” of the winter blues or challenges related to the holidays, when symptoms are […] Read More

Reframing Mental Health as Brain Health

Our brains are astonishingly complex organs, orchestrating everything from the fleeting pulse of thought to our deepest of our emotions. Yet, when discussing mental well-being, mental health, or eating disorders, we often resort to language that feels distant and isolating. We speak of “mental illness” in hushed tones, as if […] Read More

Abstract image of people going through moments of stress

Recognizing and Overcoming Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue

Imagine this: your to-do list stretches like a never-ending scroll, deadlines loom like thunderclouds, and the constant emotional demands of life feel like a weight pinning you down. You’re tired, yes, but it’s a different kind of tired. This isn’t simply the fatigue of a long day; it’s a deep, […] Read More

boy holds blackboard with NO letters to demonstrate school refusal disorder

School Refusal: Why It May Be More Than You Think

Imagine this: the alarm clock blares, sunlight streams through the window, and a new day stretches before you. But for some children and teenagers, this isn’t a fresh start, it’s a descent into anxiety. Every fiber of their being screams against the thought of stepping foot in the school building. […] Read More

The Gift of Selflessness and How It Can Impact Your Mental Well-Being

The holidays are a time of giving, serving, and appreciating what you have. These expressions of gratitude may be easier for some than they are for others for a variety of reasons, including where one may be “at” in a recovery journey or what’s going on with their mental health. […] Read More

Treatment Avoidance

Treatment Avoidance: Why It’s a Problem and How We Can Help

Seeking help for an eating disorder or other mental health condition can be incredibly difficult. Between societal stigma, financial barriers, and the challenging nature of vulnerability inherent in therapy, treatment avoidance is incredibly common across many diagnoses. However, consistently avoiding care for any significant health concern–including mental health and eating […] Read More

Mental Health and America’s Native American Population: National Native American Heritage Month

Galen Hope founders and associates humbly recognize the land that our offices operate on today are the ancestral homelands of sovereign Native nations, including the Tequesta, the Calusa, and today, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, and the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. we acknowledge the diverse people groups who […] Read More

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