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Mental Health and the LGBTQ+ Community

At Galen Hope, we think that it is vital to work to understand the mental health needs within the LGBTQ+ community. A close inspection reveals some alarming trends, and some clear opportunities for intervention and increased support. Multiple studies show that Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual people are more than twice […] Read More

A community for integrated wellness miami florida

Belonging – A Community for Integrated Wellness

Many people who have been in an eating disorder treatment program—particularly a residential program—have found those next steps for recovery to be very challenging. Generally, programs focus on measurable goals, like weight indicators, and use those metrics to determine when a patient is ready to step down into a “partial […] Read More


Collective Trauma and COVID-19

Why am I so TIRED? I can’t seem to FOCUS. It’s hard to get anything done. I feel SAD and I don’t know why. Little things have been making me so MAD lately. Sound familiar?  These feelings and realizations are more common than ever, and it’s time we talk about […] Read More

You Are Not Alone: Belonging at Galen Hope with Group Therapy

When we are struggling with our mental health—whether with an eating disorder, with an anxiety disorder, with depression, with grief, or with many other afflictions—we sometimes feel like we are all alone. We might feel isolated, or as though we are the only people who have ever felt the way […] Read More

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