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Under the Affluence: Mental Health in Affluent Families

The gleaming facade of wealth often conjures images of a charmed life: sprawling mansions, limitless opportunities, and a seemingly guaranteed path to success. For the children raised in such affluence, however, the reality can be a double-edged sword. While material comforts surround them, these young people can face a unique […] Read More

Teen Mental Health: Signs Parents Should Be Watching For

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time dedicated to shattering stigmas and promoting mental well-being for all. This year let’s turn our focus to our teens. Adolescence is a whirlwind of emotional and social development, a time brimming with both immense potential and unique challenges. During this crucial period, […] Read More

Adolescent Mental Health During Summer Break: Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Treatment

The end of the school year brings a welcome reprieve from the pressures of academics and schedules. For adolescents, summer break often signifies a time for relaxation, exploration, and social connection. However, the transition from a structured environment to a more open-ended one can also present unforeseen challenges. Disrupted routines, […] Read More

Unveiling the Spectrum: A Deeper Look at Autism in April (Part 2)

As we continue our journey through Autism Acceptance Month, let’s shift our focus to how autistic individuals interact with the world around them. This part of the series will delve into two frequently misunderstood autistic behaviors: stimming and masking. Often misinterpreted or judged, these behaviors hold significant meaning within the […] Read More

Unveiling the Spectrum: A Deeper Look at Autism in April (Part 1)

April is Autism Acceptance Month, a crucial time to celebrate autistic identities and expand our understanding of the autistic experience. While significant strides have been made in recognizing autism, public portrayals often focus on a limited set of behaviors, creating a skewed and incomplete picture of the vast spectrum. This […] Read More

Mental Health Around the World

Every April, we recognize two very important ideas: World Health Day, observed on April 7th, and Celebrate Diversity Month. While World Health Day emphasizes our collective well-being, a crucial aspect often remains under-discussed and under-resourced: mental health. While progress is being made to address some inconsistencies and inequities, there is […] Read More

A Troubled Past: The Problematic History of Mental Healthcare for Women

As we wind down Women’s History Month, we would like to look more closely at the challenges that women have faced when it comes to mental healthcare throughout history. This history is riddled with misconceptions, misdiagnoses, and downright dangerous treatments, and while significant progress has been made, the scars of […] Read More

Shattering Silence: Famous Women and Mental Health

In past Women’s History Months, we’ve looked closely at some of the women who shaped mental health and eating disorder treatment and research. This year, we wanted to examine the lives of women who have experienced mental health challenges throughout history. For centuries, mental health challenges have been shrouded in […] Read More

Championing the BIPoC Eating Disorders Conference

February 26th through March 3rd is Eating Disorders Awareness Week this year. It’s also the tail end of Black History Month, and the transition into Women’s History Month. A while back we had the incredible privilege of sitting down with Dr. Whitney Trotter DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC, RDN and Angela Goens […] Read More

Weight Stigma: Discussing and Destigmatizing Weight Stigma, Shame, and Eating Disorders

Based on the talk, “The Evolution of Shame” given by Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Founder and CEO of Galen Hope, at the Emergence Conference 2023. “Weight Stigma is all about the internalization of shame based on social expectations that generally deny biological pre-ordained biology.” ~ Dr, Wendy Oliver-Pyatt […] Read More

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